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Adopt a tree!


You can choose the olive tree you like best

among the 1500 present on the estate.

(Find out here how to choose your tree!)


Once adopted we will put a sign on the tree with the name you have chosen, and we will send you the certificate of adoption at home.

We will take care of the olive tree adopted at the best

and only in a natural way.

We will send you photos to show you the flowering and birth of the olives.

We will collect the olives and if you want you can come and visit us and participate in the harvest and help create your oil.


We will follow the squeezing step by step and you will receive a pack

of 6 500ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil at your home.


Adoption costs € 95, is valid for one year and can be renewed, in this way you will keep the name of your tree as long as you want!


You can immediately decide to give to yourself or a loved one

the adoption of an olive tree for the whole of 2021!

Contact us to confirm it or to ask for more information!

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