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The estate is called "Tre Querce" in honor of some large and ancient oaks dating back to the plain wood that extended throughout the area before the arrival of the Spaniards in the sixteenth century. Starting from 1500 the oaks were felled to make room for planting of vines and olive groves later.


The ancient village was founded by the Spaniards in the first half of 1500, a few hundred meters from the Roman road Popilia which connected Capua (CE) to Catona (RC).


The village has been restored and organized to manage the B&B and the farm activities.

Particularly interesting is the ancient Palmento where you can admire the pomace collection tanks, the wooden press ( Conzu ); and the Church of 1700 where remains of the Roman era were found and which is now used as a library with a vast choice of volumes on environmental and historical themes.





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